Where Can the Green Bay Packers Improve Most in 2013?


He just does it much differently. Unlike the days of Vince Lombardi, these Packers rarely run the football. On defense, its no longer about shutting the opponent down, but it is about creating takeaways. McCarthys pass-happy, ball-hawking approach has helped the Packers dominate the passing battle better than any team in football. The Packers have led the league in passer rating differential in each of the last three seasons. They finished second in 2009 behind New Orleans , who won the Super Bowl. Even in 2008, which was Aaron Rodgers first year as a starter and one season before the team signed Dom Capers as defensive coordinator, the Packers finished second. We are used to seeing this team produce great statistics and play a competitive game on a weekly basis. There were however some cracks in the machine last year.

Aaron Rodgers’ Consistent Impact On the Packers’ Running Game

Aaron Rodgers has been a threat to run the ball as well as pass it over the past few years, and despite not being thought of as a dual-threat quarterback, he has consistently had success escaping the pocket and scrambling for solid yardage in his career as a starter. Rodgers’ ability to throw on the run also helps his running ability, as defensive players must respect his arm while he is on the move but still behind the line of scrimmage. Here are Rodgers’ raw rushing numbers over his five years as the starting QB for the Packers. Year 4.8 2 These statistics show remarkable consistency on Rodgers’ part in escaping the pocket and making things happen with his legs. In each season as a starter, he has also had at least one run of 21 yards or more, so he is not necessarily just limited to picking up small amounts of yardage at a time; he is also capable of breaking the occasional big play with his legs. Now let’s take a look at how much of the team’s rushing load Rodgers has been responsible for. Year 2 22.2% Note that these percentages do not take into account the two games Rodgers did not start – namely the New England game in 2010 and the Week 17 Detroit game in 2011. What does this tell us? Well, one thing I interpret from Rodgers’ raw numbers is that he is running on a consistent number of plays, and that this is almost certainly due to scrambling rather than called running plays. Obviously, the Packers are not going to put Rodgers at risk by using the read option or other deliberate running plays, so this is no surprise.


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