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Green Bay Packers Training Camp Profile: Nick Perry

Nick Perry Green Bay Packers

“I believe we have three 1,000-yard receivers in this (locker) room,” Jones added. “I believe me, Randall and Jordy, if we all stay healthy, we can all reach over 1,000. It’s exciting.” … All-Pro outside linebacker Clay Matthews is enthused for the season ahead. Not only did Matthews, like Rodgers, cash in with a big contract extension in the offseason, but the fearsome pass rusher (16 sacks in 2012) has some help in getting after the quarterback. Versatile defensive end Datone Jones was the team’s first-round draft pick this year, and his arrival prompted the coaches to give end Mike Neal a long look as a stand-up linebacker opposite Matthews during the offseason workouts. Weaknesses: While Datone Jones figures to give a lift to a pass rush that has been almost exclusively Matthews’ domain the last couple seasons, the powerful and quick rookie could be of greater help to the defense as a run stopper. Green Bay was exploited on the ground to virtually no end late in the season by Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson and then 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who ran for a playoff-record 181 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers’ season-ending game. The Packers face Kaepernick and the 49ers in Week 1. … Green Bay’s firepower on offense and ability to outscore opponents amid letdowns by the defense was mitigated far too often last season because of erratic kicker Mason Crosby.

NFL Power Rankings: Packers 5th, Fans Lectured on Team History by Writer

This will allow Capers disguise his looks defensively and confuse opposing offenses on a regular basis. Perry is penciled in as a starter this coming season with last years first-stringer opposite Matthews in Erik Walden now a member of the Indianapolis Colts . Going up against left tackle Bryan Bulaga in practice will help Perry to refine his pass rush moves and learn quickly to accelerate into the upper echelon of edge rushers in his second NFL season. Theres no doubt that he has one of the best possible coaches a player at his position could ever ask for in arguably the first of the stand-up edge rushers in should-be Hall of Famer Kevin Greene with his 160 career sacks. As the outside linebackers coach with the Packers, Greene told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel following the playoff loss to the 49ers that he expected big things from Perry in 2013. Greene said of Perry: He can be physical. He can rush the passer. He can do the whole spectrum of this position. He just needs to come back with a good mind-set and go get it. If Perry can stay healthy in 2013, there should be no worries in Green Bay about any similar debacles to what took place in last years postseason. His potential is still very much untapped, and the Packers are just waiting for him to come into his own as a pass rusher.

Was talking about this the other day with someone. The Packers have been so good at developing young talent that their castoffs are more than worth sifting through. When the Packers release someone or let them leave via free agency, it doesn’t mean they can’t play anymore. It just means the Packers have younger and/or cheaper players they want to use instead. Mike (Wisconsin) Referring to my earlier comment, Thompson had [Aaron] Rodgers and [Mason] Crosby to replace [Brett] Favre and [Ryan] Longwell. They’re still trying to find a guard to replace [Mike] Wahle/[Marco] Rivera and a pass rushing 3 down DE like [Cullen] Jenkins. Nick Collins also effectively replaced [Darren] Sharper who also had a few good years left. The career ending injury was more of a fluke thing but you can’t deny Packers had Collins to replace Sharper. Kevin Seifert (2:26 PM) There’s a difference between having good players to replace departed veterans, which the Packers did, and letting players go when you judge their careers to be done, which the Packers did not. They have released players who still have some tread on the tires.

People Aaron Rodgers Jersey Are Reselling Packers Family Night Tickets For a Lot

Packers Family Night tickets

This puts the Packers fourth in the NFC, with the other three teams who played in the NFC Divisional round of the playoffs ahead of them. The only AFC team ranked higher than Green Bay is the Denver Broncos , who come in at the third spot.’s Top 5 4: Falcons 5: Packers We can debate whether the Packers deserve to be lower on the list, but I don’t really see much of an argument for ranking them higher than 5th. Perhaps some people would rank the Baltimore Ravens or the Houston Texans higher, but I think the Packers probably would bottom out at around the 7th spot at this time. They are a consistent winner, and while those regular season successes have not translated to sustained playoff success over the past two Clay Matthews Nike Jersey years, the defense and running game should be better and they should contend for a Super Bowl berth once again in 2013. While I have no major quarrel with the Packers’ rank, I do however take issue with what Harrison said in his description of the Packers. Here is what he says: Oh, Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers — such funny guys. But when Jennings says he’d take Brett Favre over Rodgers — even if it’s all in good fun — this predictably sparks the tired debate over who is the better Green Bay Packers quarterback. My question to Packers fans: Is either the greatest Green Bay QB of all time? Bart Starr went 9-1 in the postseason, people, winning five NFL championship games and two Super Bowls. Excuse me?!

ChatWrap: Veterans who leave the Packers

Theyre reselling them for a lot more. Check out StubHub . The tickets are available for, at the low end, $18. Whats the high end, you ask? You can get a 50-yard line seat in the second row for $179. For a scrimmage So, all of you high and mighty asshats who suggested I was less than a real fan because I may have insinuated that Family Night is bullshit, what do you have to say now? That person reselling his 50-yard line tickets for $179, is he a real fan? Must be a better fan than I am because he went and got Family Night tickets. Probably was out there waiting in line at 5 a.m. Probably was displaying his real fandom by doing so.


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