Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, and PR

Via The Extra Point | 2 days ago 2013 Fantasy Football QB Projections Aaron Rodgers Projection: 419 points Aaron Rodgers is my clear-cut #1 Fantasy QB. He doesnt march up and down the field and accumulate gaudy yardage numbers to the same degree that his elite QB brethren do, but his unparalleled propensity to combine tons of TDs with very few […] Via BlackSportsOnline | 3 days ago Live TV is harder than it looks. It is even harder when you dealing with a serious issue like a NFL player being charged with 1st degree murder, so cut Jeremy Schapp a little slack here in this video provided by The Big Lead. Aaron Rodgers was not amused. Not funny ESPN Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12) June 27, 2013 Via Diehardsport | 2 days ago Some of the biggest news in the NFL in a long time came Wednesday that former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez was being charged with first degree murder eleven. While coving Hernandezsarraignment, ESPNs Jeremy Schaap, made a crucial error and confused Hernandez with current Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Certainly based on what we heard there is a… Via Larry Brown Sports | 2 days ago Aaron Hernandez and Aaron Rodgers have very few things in common, but obviously their first name is one of them. Given the fact that Hernandez has been arrested and charged with murder, you can understand why Rodgers would not want to be associated with him an any way. Unfortunately, a slip of the tongue from […] Via Next Level Sports Network | 3 days ago Since the 2006 NFL Draft, wide receiver Greg Jennings has been a prolific part of the Green Bay Packers offense. He was one of Brett Favres and Aaron Rodgers favorite targets, including catching Favres record breaking career touchdown pass. Now, Jennings has left the Packers for the team he caught that record touchdown against, the […] [[ This is a content summary…

Desmond Bishop looking forward to facing Aaron Rodgers

The sixth-year linebacker’s “biggest motivation” was to play for Minnesota, though Bishop added he harbors no hard feelings toward Green Bay. There is one specific thing he is looking forward to — facing Aaron Rodgers. “A lot of people called and texted, You want to get back at the Packers,'”Bishop said. “Its not about that. Its more so trying to play the best and if I can get a chance to play against Aaron Rodgers, that right there in itself is a motivation. You want to play against the best. Just like when I was playing for Green Bay, the games I cherished the most were playing against the Vikings because I got a chance to play against Adrian Peterson. “So little stuff like that, thats my mindset. I want to play against the best and it was an opportunity to play against Aaron Rodgers two times a year. That was kind of unique and something I really liked, but thats just the kind of person I am. Thats just me. After meeting with Leslie Frazier, Bishop believed the Vikings were a good fit.


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