Aaron Rodgers Correctly Ranked No. 6 on NFL Network’s Top 100 Players

Aaron Rodgers voted number six on top 100 NFL players for 2013; Adrian Peterson voted first

6 on NFL Networks Top 100 Players July 1, 2013 12:32 am EDT by Andrew Fisher Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports In the case of most players, a No. 6 ranking in the leagues best countdown would be a good spot, but thats not necessarily the case withAaron Rodgers. Some fans are actually pretty upset with the quarterbacks spot on this years countdown, but I think hes right where he should be. According to the countdown, Rodgers is the NFL s third best quarterback. He came in behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, which really isnt unfair. Manning transformed the Denver Broncos into the AFCs top-seeded team in one short season, while Brady was again just a few plays away from another Super Bowl. You can argue for Rodgers being ahead of both guys because he did throw more touchdown passes, but in the wins department, Manning and Brady both had better years. I think ultimately thats why Rodgers came in at No. 6 this year the Green Bay Packers just werent ever really a legitimate Super Bowl team. It was no fault of Rodgers, because he played well all season, but the end results just werent there.

Aaron Rodgers

Adrian Peterson and J.J. Watt have better cases as the best players of last season. Brady and Manning have the edge when it comes to all-timer status. But for 2013, there’s no way I’d pick against Aaron Rodgers in his prime. Now 29 years old with a new contract and five full seasons as a starter under his belt, Rodgers is hitting that sweet spot of a quarterback’s career where his physical skills and mental mastery perfectly align. Staying in coach Mike McCarthy ‘s system throughout the process gives Rodgers a “coach on the field” vibe like Manning and Brady. Unlike Manning, Rodgers hasn’t seen any diminishing arm strength. Brady is a better quarterback in some ways than his younger days, but he no longer ignores the pass rush as much. I’m admittedly splitting hairs among three great players. This is a golden era of quarterback play, and we’re lucky to watch all three. Manning and Brady deserve to be in the top 10.

Aaron Rodgers of Packers too low on NFL ‘Top 100 List’

The NFL Network unveiled the order of the top ten players in the voting on Thursday night: 1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings, RB 2. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos, QB 3. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions, WR 4. Tom Brady, New England Patriots, QB 5. J.J. Watt, Houston Texans, DE 6. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, QB 7. Aldon Visit This Link Smith, San Francisco 49ers, DE 8. Arian Foster, Houston Texans, RB 9. Von Miller, Denver Broncos, LB 10.

Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, and PR

Here’s a week-by-week fantasy breakdown of Manning vs. Rodgers, just in case you’re torn on which quarterback to grab in Round 1: Week 1Manning (vs. Baltimore) over Rodgers (@ San Francisco) Week 2Manning (@ N.Y. Giants) over Rodgers (vs. Washington) Week 3Manning (vs. Oakland) over Rodgers (@ Cincinnati) Week 4Manning (vs. Philadelphia) over Rodgers (BYE) Week 5Rodgers (vs. Detroit) over Manning (@ Dallas) Week 6Manning (vs. Jacksonville) over Rodgers (@ Baltimore) Week 7Manning (@ Indianapolis) over Rodgers (vs. Cleveland) Week 8Rodgers (@ Minnesota) over Manning (vs. Washington) Week 9Rodgers (vs.

Fantasy Fox: Choose Your QB — Peyton vs. Rodgers

This tells us the 2013 projection difference between the two quarterbacks is marginal and therefore of very little meaning since they should produce very similar numbers. So this bring us to ADP (average draft position), which tells us the round/pick a player is being drafted on average. D. Brees high ADP is 1.08 / low ADP 4.05 A. Rodgers high ADP is 1.04 / low ADP is 3.10 Looks like Brees is being draft after Rodgers in most drafts, at times a full round apart from each other. We always talk about value in the fantasy football draft, especially when it comes to who to draft and when to draft them. Phil Clark talks about this more in depth in his Quarterback Strategy article. In situations like these, where the production is extremely similar but the ADP of the second highest player is lower youll want to pick the player allowing similar points with the later pick. In this example the player you want to draft is Drew Brees . He provides predictably the same amount of fantasy points and can be had with a later pick.

Who Do You Draft In Fantasy Football? Drew Brees Versus Aaron Rodgers

Not the huggy kissy relationship some would like the two sides to have, but progress from the declaration of war that was signed when Favre signed with the Vikings in 2009. This thawing of the ice all began one evening this past February. The moment Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre stepped on stage together to present an award at the NFL Honors ceremony was the moment many had been waiting for. A meeting of the past and the present, a ceremonial burying of the hatchet between the two players, and a signal that it was time to let the healing begin between Packers fans and Favre. Rodgers reiterated this sentimentin May when he appeared on the Jim Rome Show, saying the time has come to accept the quarterback from the past back into the present: Im … Via NFL Draft Zone | 4 days ago This letter is awesome, he basically walks himself through the life he has lived, by inspiring himself. It was a two page letter according to several sites, check the full letter here, it started off in a note form wrote too Aaron. Via FanIQ | 5 days ago We all mess up from time to time, and a slip of the tongue is inevitable when people are speaking on live TV. After a while, it’s just bound to happen. It’s just unfortunate when it happens during a story about a pending murder case, and you accidentally say the name of one of the league’s most popular superstars, instead of the guy who actually is being charged with…


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