Who Wants These Damn Packers Shareholders Meeting Tickets?

Packers Really Cut Corners on Shareholder Tickets This Year

Green Bay Packers shareholder ticket 2013

Well, obviously Im not going, but that doesnt mean you cant go. The meeting is July 24 at 11 a.m. Ive got four tickets. Why the hell do I have four tickets, you might ask? Because I have two shares of stock, which means I own a bigger percentage of the Packers than most people. Actually, it just means that I bought a share of stock and my dad also bought me one at the same time as a Christmas gift. And, you know, you cant return this shit like you can normal Christmas gifts, so Im stuck with two shares. Each shareholder gets two tickets to the meeting, hence, my four tickets. I dont really expect this to be a hot item, but its a long summer and maybe some of you out there want to do something Packers related. Or maybe you just want an excuse to skip out of work.

7 Players Who Might Find Themselves on the Packers’ Practice Squad in 2013


Those are things were looking for. It will be very difficult for Pease to make the 53-man roster, as the Packers drafted both Lacy and Johnathan Franklin to go along with veteran holdovers DuJuan Harris, Alex Green and James Starks. Still, if Pease continues to impress in training camp, he certainly has a shot to make the practice squad. Tight End Jake Stoneburner Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports The Packers added two more tight ends to their roster in 2013. First they signed unrestricted free agent Matthew Mulligan, formerly of the St. Louis Rams . Then they signed undrafted rookie Jake Stoneburner of Ohio State. Those two now join an already large class of tight ends on the team, which includes Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, Ryan Taylor, D.J. Williams and Brandon Bostick.

27, 1967. (Photo: Larry Stoddard AP) Robinson says youth football coaches must be better trained to teach proper tackling Packers legend says Vince Lombardi strictly prohibited dirty play Robinson cites Clay Mathews ‘perfect tackle’ in as key to Packers’ win in Super Bowl XLV Dave Robinson, the Green Bay Packers linebacker headed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, says commissioner Roger Goodell is right to try to eliminate unnecessary violence and head injuries from the game. And Robinson blames the brutal hits of today’s NFL on head coaches who don’t know the fundamentals. Robinson says his legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, didn’t tolerate head-hunting. “He was very strict about dirty play,” Robinson, who played for Lombardi from 1963-67, told USA TODAY Sports. “He would never have stood for helmet-to-helmet contact, he just wouldn’t have.” Robinson, known as one of the game’s quickest linebackers and surest tacklers, played in an era when facemasks weren’t universally worn and grabbing the ones that were used was legal. It’s a faster game now, played by bigger men, with more violent collisions, but the three-time first-team All-NFL selection blames a lot of the danger on poor coaching at the NFL level. FELLOW INDUCTEE: Parcells’ biggest regret “There are no more Vince Lombardis, there are no more Paul Browns, there are no more George Halases,” Robinson said. “They were all the guys who worked at it for years and years and really understood the profession.

Packers great Dave Robinson blames coaches for head-hunting


Not this year. This year they sent shareholders a piece of paper. The piece of paper you see above. Its like the paper in my computer printer only probably thinner and it has two perforated tickets for you to tear out like a coupon in the Sunday paper. Classy. This wouldnt be a big deal if it were some other crappy franchise, but we all know there are a lot of people who collect things like this. In fact, the Packers offered to mail people tickets for their collection who couldnt make the meeting, last year. Someone obviously decided the organization needed to save a few bucks on the event this year. And that will obviously come at the shareholders expense.


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