NBA Draft – Aaron Rodgers Likes Bucks Pick [Video]

Packers’ Cobb aiming for big things in 2013

Fire at the Miramar

The strengths of Giannis Adetokunbos game are vast. He has the ball skills teams covet, not turning the ball often and making the right decisions with the rock. He has played four positions on the court, giving him the versatility needed to find professional success. His physical abilities enable him to be a play-maker, and his body control allows him to thrive as a scoring threat in the paint. As previously mentioned, the Bucks first round draft pick is relatively raw. In order to become a bonafide star in the NBA he will have to improve his outside game, and improve his defense. A consistent jump shot will be needed if he wants teams to respect him as a threat to score from outside the lane. High praise has been given to the Bucks first round pick Giannis Adetokunbo from more than just Aaron Rodgers, as many scouts liked his potential as well. Giovanni Conte of the Basket Caffe described the 18 year old rookie as: A European rising star; a Greek long point forward. He has some unbelievable body skills: he is 6 ft 9 with long arms, great coordination, perfect balance and impressive fluidity, that allows him to play all positions except center.

Hawk at inside linebacker going into the coming season. Jones started the final 12 games of last season at the position after D.J. Smith, who replaced an injured Bishop, suffered a season-ending knee injury. After the Packers released Smith earlier this offseason, Bishop became expendable by the end of the team’s spring workouts. The six-year veteran didn’t participate in any of the OTAs or the minicamp, which was held for the first time on McCarthy’s watch between the voluntary practices, as he recovered some more from the devastating hamstring injury he sustained last August. Bishop had pronounced himself healthy at the outset of the offseason program and was hopeful of getting on the field at some point during those workouts. Instead, the Packers realized a big salary-cap savings by dumping Bishop, who turns 29 on July 24. His salary with the team next season would have been nearly $3.5 million. Bishop was under contract through 2014. Green Bay previously invested starter-sized money in Jones when it re-signed him as an unrestricted free agent to a three-year, $11.75 million deal with a $3 million signing bonus in March. Bishop didn’t stay unemployed for long.


Its humbling and silly at times to think about it , Rodgers said. But money doesnt change people, I dont think. I think it highlights characteristics in your personality that maybe werent so visible when you didnt have as much. So Ive tried to remember that and stay true to who I am as a person and as a teammate. “The guys have been great. Theres jokes every now and then, but Im trying to be the same person in the locker room that I was when I was a backup and working on the scout team. It gives you an extra responsibility that you take care of the people that are important to you and realize that you have an opportunity to make an even bigger difference in your community and in your world. Rodgers isnt worried about having to live up to the contract and he shouldnt. The Packers paid him for future performance but they did so using a strong body of work to make a judgment. You know, Ive felt like Ive had to justify myself every year, so this is nothing different, he said. I wouldnt look at it as a burden. When they drafted me, I wanted to prove I was worthy of being a first-round draft pick.

Aaron Rodgers Talks New Contract: ‘I’ve Felt Like I’ve Had To Justify Myself Every Year’

So, Cobb has gone about mastering the one element to his game that is now most important to the Packers. “We look for him to be part of our primary focus as far as our approach to game planning, particularly in the passing game,” McCarthy said. This offseason Cobb has spent time at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., and high school and college fields working on route running. It’s the aspect of the game he realized was most important after lockering next to Driver and Jennings for two seasons. “Being able to watch those two guys in practice over the last couple years and really learn about route running principles, about leverage, about getting off the line of scrimmage, about coming in and out of your cuts,” he said. “Being able to watch them in practice and learn from the daily has been a big help to me.” A receiver practicing his route running is like a basketball practicing his dribbling LeBron James doesn’t need a basket to improve his handle and Cobb didn’t need a quarterback throwing him balls. “You can feel it,” Cobb said. “You can feel it whenever you’re coming out of your cuts if you’re slipping or you feel like you shortened your step a little bit. You can feel the different things. I can tell you what did wrong before I even watch it on film because I already know in my head what I did.” Before reporting to training camp in three weeks, Cobb is continuing the work he started this offseason. The one-on-one battles with teammates in the offseason training activities only reinforced that it’s been the right thing to do.


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