Aaron Rodgers Signs Record $110 Million Contract With Packers

He works hard, is humble, and is focused on his actions, on and off the field. He is an excellent teammate and pushes himself and others to be the very best. We are happy to reach an agreement to extend his career with the Packers. Rodgers was touted as a top overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft, but fell all the way to No. 24 overall and was snapped up by the Packers. After three years as an apprentice to Brett Favre, Rodgers took the QB reins in 2008 after a messy divorce between the Packers and Favre. Rodgers rewarded the Packers by posting the highest career passing rating in NFL history and second highest career completion percentage. More importantly he brought a 13th championship to Titletown, USA when he led the Packers to a win in Super Bowl XLV and was named MVP of the game. Rodgers has been a bargain for the Packers in recent years operating under a six-year, $63.5 million contract. He was not scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent until after the 2014 season, but the Packers wanted to lock up the 29-year-old QB to a deal that reflects his place in the game. New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees set a new bar last summer for elite QBs at $20 million a year. Joe Flacco inked a six-year, $120 million after he led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl win in February.

Aaron Rodgers is Sixth-Best Player, According to Peers

Rodgers finished first on the same list last year, so his drop will probably piss him off and hell make it a point to tear it up this season. Adrian Peterson finished at the top of the list, followed by Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Tom Brady and J.J. Watt. Clearly, there are arguments to be made for all of those guys to be above Rodgers, but really, most people would agree that Rodgers is the best player in the NFL. The reason for Rodgers drop has to be because most of these guys just looked at the 2012 season. Rodgers performance dipped slightly from his MVP 2011 season. Meanwhile, more… Peterson was rushing for over 2,000 yards, Manning had the Broncos looking like the best team in the NFL until the playoffs, Johnson nearly reached 2,000 yards receiving, Brady is Brady and Watt was the defensive player of the year. It probably also didnt help that the Packers lost in the divisional round of the playoffs for the second year in a row. Clay Matthews came in at No. 31 on the list.

Packers Training Camp Countdown: 22 Days

There were large periods in that game where they dominated possession and looked every bit the real deal. To our credit we dug deep and turned the tables to earn a memorable victory. Now we have to do the same over the course of a season. Andre Villas Boas will obviously strengthen his ranks, with Paulinho the first of what is likely to be a raft of arrivals. However Gareth Bale remains their one talisman and the man on whom they will continue to pin their hopes. On countless occasions last term the Welshman proved the difference between a draw and a win, smashing home a series of wonder goals in true Roy of the Rovers fashion. Many claim Luis Suarez was equally as vital and they might have a point but at least The Uruguayan had help around him in the second half of the season. Bale was often a lone ranger. He may be a world class talent but it is unrealistic to expect him to repeat those feats time and again. Should Bale leave, get injured or even tail-off slightly, it could cost Spurs between ten and fifteen points (at least). Basically Liverpool need to ensure they are in a position to capitalise.

Brett Favre ‘proud’ of Aaron Rodgers, thinks he’ll ‘shatter’ his records


No. Do I talk to other guys all the time? No. But he knows how I feel about him, and he knows how I feel about his career up to this point.” Favre also retains quite a few warm memories of Green Bay, even if his relationship with the fans got frozen tundra chilly after he joined the archrival Minnesota Vikings in 2009. “My 16 years in Green Bay I wouldn’t trade for anything. It was fun, we were good, and if there was one wish I could have it would be that we won more than one championship. But I wouldn’t change anything, it was a great ride for me, more than I ever dreamed of. … It’s a special place, and there’s no place like it,” said Favre, who admitted his appreciation for the Lambeau faithful and atmosphere grew after he switched sides. Momentum continues to grow to retire his No.

Brendan’s Blueprint: Year Two for Rodgers at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers

In one of the most dominant statistical comparisons youll ever see, Rodgers has thrown 108 touchdown passes and just two interceptions in the red zone since 2008. Thats 54 touchdowns for every interception. A distant second a very, very distant second is Peyton Manning . His 93 touchdowns and four interceptions equate to 23.25 touchdowns for every one interception. Last season, Rodgers threw 24 touchdowns against zero interceptions in the red zone. He was lights out inside the 10-yard line. He completed 20-of-28 passes for 17 touchdowns. That touchdown rate of 60.7 percent not only led the league, but he was the only quarterback over 50 percent. Sacks were an issue throughout the season more on that in a moment but Rodgers played with a faster time clock in the red zone. For the season, Rodgers was sacked 51 times on 179 possessions. Thats one sack for every 3.5 possessions.


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