Rodgers’ parents coming to Lakeshore Weekend

Greg Jennings on WRs, respect for Rodgers

Its a fun relationship, we try to go see them over at the stadium and catch up with them, they usually feed us some brats and burgers and stuff, Rodgers said. Its just a nice friendship that developed. (Page 2 of 2) Miesfeld and Benning asked the Rodgers if they would come to Sheboygan in late July to volunteer for Lakeshore Weekend. It wasnt a problem for Ed and Darla, they said. To me, its astounding that people would take the time to fly to Sheboygan from California, just to help with an event, Miesfeld said. That just shows the type of people that they are. Theyre ready to work, too. Theyll be volunteering Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With the amount of volunteers currently signed up for the weekend, Karl, the volunteer coordinator, is thrilled to have their help. Right now, they only have 71 percent of the volunteers they need. Anything that we can do to get people down there and get volunteers there to make it a successful weekend, thats what its all about, Karl said.

Rodgers, Hawk tee-off in Tahoe

“We can’t allow there to be any drop-off.” Graham Harrell, last year’s No. 2, will face a challenge from second-year man B.J. Coleman. Both have plenty to prove. Harrell, 28, had a rough training camp last year but lit it up in the preseason finale against Kansas City to keep his job. Harrell threw just four passes last season but almost cost Green Bay the game against New Orleans with a fumbled handoff at the goal line. Pro Football Weekly listed Harrell as the league’s worst backup quarterback last season. And recently listed Harrell at No. 31. That means the door could be open for the big, strong-armed Coleman (6-3, 231) to jump up a notch.

Aaron Rodgers

When ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith noted the drop-off between Brett Favre / Aaron Rodgers to Ponder, Jennings had an interesting response: “Brett Favre? Receivers around him. Aaron Rodgers? Receivers around him. Christian Ponder? Receivers around him.” Unlike previous interviews, Jennings did mention Rodgers’ name. But he also somewhat cryptically said that “you get respect when you give respect” when asked why he apparently thinks more of Favre than Rodgers. The video is worth your time.

Until then, The Green BayQB is trading touchdown passes for tap-in birdies. Rodgersis teeing it upwith a number of other celebrities at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe this weekend. The former MVP played a friendly practice round on Thursday with teammate A.J. Hawk in a modified scramble format. And as Hawk said, it’s not exactly friendly competition. “Not really, because he beats me by so much,” said Hawk.”We can’t really have a friendly rivalry there, you know. I’m not good enough to challenge him yet. Maybe someday. I’m not good enough in my golf game yet.” The first round of the official tournament gets underway on Friday.

With some team improvements, Aaron Rodgers looks to lead offense back to the top

Aaron Rodgers has led the NFL in passer rating the past two seasons, including an NFL-record mark of 122.5 in 2011.

He works hard, he has great leadership. I think he’ll be fine.” “You look at Tom Brady and all the best quarterbacks in the league, it takes four or five years for them to really get in a groove,” Green said. ” Aaron Rodgers sat behind (Brett) Favre for years. (The criticism) comes with the territory.” Fantasy Tip: While it may not be a make-or-break year for Dalton, there are high expectations for the Bengals, and that offense as a whole. A strong year from Dalton will go a long way in solidifying him as a top fantasy quarterback. Vikings | Desmond Bishop wanted to play against Packers Tue, 25 Jun 2013 11:16:51 -0700 Minnesota Vikings LB Desmond Bishop said part of the reason he chose to sign with the team was to play against his old team, and QB Aaron Rodgers in particular. “It was part of the reason,” Bishop said. “And if I can get a chance to play against Aaron Rodgers , I think that right there, in itself, is a motivation. You know, you want to play against the best. …


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