Green Bay Packers: Receivers Dropping Like Flies

Charles Johnson

Here we go again? The Packers certainly hope Article Source not. Fans and officials alike are hoping the streak of injuries that has befallen the team in recent years is behind them. Early on in training camp, the Packers are already dealing with a number of players physically unable to perform, including Derek Sherrod, Mike Neal, Jerel Worthy, DuJuan Harris and others, and they are now faced with a depleted wide receiver corps. Fortunately, none of the receivers currently out of action are expected starters: seventh-round draft picks Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey and rookie free agent Sederrick Cunningham. Johnson injured his knee on Saturday when he reached back for an underthrown pass from Graham Harrell. After remaining down on the field for a significant period of time, Johnson was able to walk off the field. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has yet to announce the severity of his injury. Fellow seventh-round pick Dorsey appears to have injured a hamstring after catching a pass over the middle during practice. McCarthy said that both players are still being evaluated at this time.

Green Bay Packers: A day in the shoes of an NFL owner

“There’s no magic to it,” Clements said. “I guess you have to start with the personnel department, the college scouting, and drafting the guys.” Denver, Atlanta and the New York Giants all are loaded at wide receiver, but the Packers need take a backseat to no one. No matter who ends up as top dog, and Clements wouldn’t hazard a guess, the Packers have three starters and a rookie, Charles Johnson of Grand Valley State, with eye-popping potential. Jones, 29, made one memorable catch after another, didn’t drop a pass until the 13th game (he dropped just three of 108) and scored 14 touchdowns, more than any player in the league except running back Arian Foster of Houston. “He caught the ball well, he was a factor in the red zone and he made some great catches,” said Clements. “He had an outstanding year. “Each year he’s gotten more physical running his routes and getting his defender off him. He’s also become more physical running with the ball.” Jones and Nelson have long been considered more power-possession receivers because of their broad-shouldered physiques and the identical 4.54-second 40 times they carried into the league. But time and time again both players have burned defenses that neglected them on the sideline.

Packers holdover backs still in the running

10:16 a.m. — I get through the east side doors on my second try; the first time, I forgot my ticket in the car and had to walk all the way back. I get the feeling Jerry Jones doesn’t get turned away when he forgets his ticket into Cowboys Stadium. As I walk into the Lambeau Field Atrium — a five-story structure connected to the stadium that includes the Packers Pro Shop, the Packers Hall of Fame and Curly’s Pub — thousands of people move in different directions. Some slap nametags on their shirts and jerseys, while others stand in line for raffles. I find Nick and Elia, and we proceed through a large set of doors to Lambeau. 10:21 a.m. — We take our seats in Section 115 for the 11 a.m. meeting as the stadium serenades us with Matchbox 20 songs and a 2012 highlight reel titled “Unfinished Business,” a reference to the Packers’ playoff loss in San Francisco last January. The owners boo lustily as the “Fail Mary” play against the Seahawks flashes up on the board. 11 a.m.

Packers Fan Flock From Around the World to Training Camp

It will just make it more interesting, more fun. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and things like that, but I think all of us are a good bunch of guys who are going to push each other and work hard. Starks greatest competition, though, is with the training room. Just as coach Mike McCarthy decided during the offseason to do everything in his power to avoid another injury epidemic like the team suffered through in 2010 and 2012, Starks did the same on a personal level. Working out at Athletes Performance in Pensacola, Fla., Starks focused on many of the rehabilitation exercises physical therapists recommend for recovering from injuries even though he was healthy. His primary goal was to become more flexible, in hopes of avoiding hits or being bent into awkward positions that led to injuries. I have (relatively) stiff hips, and that causes quad problems, hamstring problems, Starks explained. This year, Im loose, more opened up and things like that. I think it helps. But Starks said hes also changing the way he runs, realizing that fighting for every yard is admirable but can be a Pyrrhic victory if he suffers an injury as a result. The toe injury is the prime example, as he tried to keep running with five defenders on his back instead of going down and living to run another day. Thats your instinct, but sometimes I go a little overboard because Im strong.

Ten greatest athletes in Green Bay sports history

They have been taking mini-timeouts during practice and playing contemporary music to simulate what happens during an NFL game and the TV timeouts. Some players have been wearing monitors to track their heart rates when they go from practicing all out to taking a two-minute break. The result, the staff is finding, is that it is best sometimes to take the mini rest periods even in practice. “It’s serving its purpose,” McCarthy said. “It’s really an emulation of a timeout during the game. That’s our plan from a health and nutrition standpoint. The emphasis is to lower the heart rate of the athletes. It’s been positive for players. I don’t think there’s anybody alive who doesn’t appreciate a break, so I wasn’t expecting any negative feedback.” Wearing monitors can be a little cumbersome the first five minutes or so, said tight end D.J.

Packers GM notes changes at shareholders’ meeting

Contributor Network, where users like you are published on Yahoo! every day. Learn more Ten greatest athletes in Green Bay sports history Tweet 0 Special to Yahoo! Sports/Yahoo! Sports composite image – Brett Favre, Arron Rodgers. Yahoo! Sports Photo more Illustration. less Editor’s note: YCN contributor Dave Radcliffe has compiled his list of the 10 greatest athletes for Green Bay. Readers will determine by poll (upper right side of the page) who’s No. 1.

Three receivers go down as injuries plague Packers

Speaking to an estimated crowd of 13,000 shareholders, Thompson cracked a few jokes, delivered his take on the weather, shared the players’ schedule as they arrive for training camp on Thursday and praised eighth-year head coach Mike McCarthy. Then Thompson he looked around the historic stadium, pointed to the recently completed south end zone addition that added 7,000 seats, and recalled the start of his first stint with the team more than 20 years ago. ”There have been a lot of changes over the years,” said Thompson, hired as a pro personnel scout in 1992. ”A lot of changes in the building, the facilities, the stadium.” Murphy said the end zone addition brings Lambeau Field’s total capacity to 80,750, making it the third-largest stadium in the league. The crowd cheered when Murphy said Lambeau Field had surpassed Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with the addition. President and CEO Mark Murphy noted the Packers are one of only two teams in the NFC to have made the playoffs each of the past four years; Thompson pointed out that the Packers are one of only two teams in the 32-team league to have put together four consecutive seasons with 10 or more victories. Thompson, now in his ninth season as GM, then added that the Packers have made the playoffs in 15 of the past 20 years. Said Murphy: ”I could not be more pleased with the job Ted’s doing, and I hope you all feel the same way. . He’s built us into a consistent winner and through his hard work, we will be a consistent winner for years to come.” Still, playoff losses the past two years are on everyone’s mind around here.

Packers kicker Crosby has short memory

There are those days when the boss will be unhappy and you almost feel it is time to start updating that resume that you have sitting on your desktop. Now, imagine when you mess up, there are a whole stadium of people booing you off. Imagine when you get home there are websites all filled with how terrible you are and petitions for people looking for you to be released. This is what happened when Mason Crosby clocked out of his job last season. Being an NFL kicker is a lonely job. It is also a little like being a comedian. Once people find out you are a funny man by trade, the first thing they say to you is say something funny!. If the first thing you say isnt comedy gold, then you arent funny at all. As a kicker, you are supposed to make the kick. In fact, if you do make the kick, people think nothing of it. Thats your job. If you dont make the kick, they get irate and write you off. Much like the comedian, you are thrown into the useless pile and have to try extra hard to prove yourself. Most positions on the field get multiple chances to redeem themselves. Quarterbacks get three chances a down, four if the coaches are really gutsy. A kicker has one option. Just kick. A coach can compensate for a poor QB performance by bringing in more run plays, increase the workload of a TE or WR on the line of scrimmage. A kicker is on his own. There is no safety net.

Packers always with the gift of grab

More >> UPDATE: 2 Found Dead in Plane Crash in Lake Michigan The U.S. Coast Guard is searching Lake Michigan near Milwaukee by boat and air for a small plane that lost contact with air traffic controllers. More >> Milwaukee Fire Department Assistant Chief Michael Romas says rescuers found two bodies in the plane underwater. He says they don’t know if anyone else was aboard but were still searching the water Saturday evening just in case. More >> Northeast Wisconsin Firefighters Set Home on Fire for Training Several Northeast Wisconsin fire departments battle a house fire in the Town of Scott today. The fire, though, was sent intentionally. Firefighters from Green Bay Metro, New Franken, Denmark and Luxemburg More >> Firefighters from Green Bay Metro, New Franken, Denmark and Luxemburg fire departments training Saturday morning for several hours. More >> Pilots Discuss Topics in Aviation Other aircraft enthusiasts fly in to Austin Straubel airport in Ashwaubenon to share ideas on how to keep a unique plane flying. Coming from across the country to Ashwaubenon, more than 150 pilots join More >> Aircraft enthusiasts fly in to Austin Straubel airport in Ashwaubenon to share ideas on how to keep a unique plane flying. Many of the pilots will also attend EAA Airventure in Oshkosh this coming week. More >> One person has been seriously injured in hit and run on the city’s east side.


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