My Sportsman: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers: Jermichael Finley has been “dominating” in camp

Jermichael Finley

As a senior, he grew to 6-2 and 180 pounds and broke a bunch of school passing records, but Division I recruiters showed no interest. They would make him wait, too. He did that waiting at Butte College, where he lit up defenses for a year and then went to California and waited while well-liked senior Reggie Robertson started the first four games of the 2003 season. Rodgers led Cal to a 10-1 regular season record in 2004, losing only at USC, and then famously waited 24 long picks in the green room on draft day before the Packers plucked him from his embarrassing vigil. Most of all, he waited three long years in Green Bay, while Brett Favre — one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game but a drama queen to his marrow — played the last three years of his Packers’ career and flirted with a fourth well into August 2008. Rodgers threw 59 passes in those three years, some of them significant but most of them not. (JaMarcus Russell, who was drafted first overall two years after Rodgers, threw 66 passes in his rookie season of 2007, meaning that entering ’08, Russell had thrown seven more passes than Rodgers). Through all this waiting Rodgers never lashed out at the nonbelievers. His default response is “I’m blessed with a very good memory,” and it’s a good response, because you can read into it whatever you like, but it leaves open the possibility that Rodgers wakes up every morning with a chip on his shoulder. He has forgotten none of what’s transpired or who made the journey with him. (I wrote a story on Rodgers last month in SI; during the reporting we were talking about some of his high school receivers and I asked if he had cell numbers for those old friends.

Aaron Rodgers

(Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press / June 9, 2011) By Austin Knoblauch It might be awhile before Aaron Rodgers believes anything Ryan Braun says. The Green Bay Packers quarterback believed Braun when the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder told him he didn’t take performance-enhancing drugs. With Braun accepting a 65-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball drug policy, Rodgers realizes Braun lied to him — and he isn’t really happy about it. I was shocked, I really was, just like many of you were,” Rodgers said. “I was backing up a friend. He looked me in the eye on multiple occasions and repeatedly denied these allegations and said they were not true. So, it is disappointing, not only for myself as a friend, but for obviously Wisconsin sports fans, Brewer fans, really baseball fans. It doesnt feel great being lied to like that and Im disappointed in the way it all went down. Rodgers and Braun are friends and the two sports stars co-own a restaurant in Milwaukee. Last year, Rodgers defended Braun against doping allegations, telling a follower on Twitter he’d bet a year’s salary that Braun was clean. No word on whether Rodgers intends to honor the tongue-in-cheek $4.5-million bet. @toddsutton ya I’d put my salary next year on it.

Aaron Rodgers disappointed and shocked by Ryan Braun’s suspension

With the Peckers possibibly going 2 and 14, He may get 50 balls thrown to him and catch 12. Next year He will join Jennings with the Vikes. Than there will be more tears out of GB. Rodgers is a me me person, Live with it.. LIONS FAN 1papabob says: Aug 8, 2013 11:15 AM Finley wont have to worry about anything over 10 yards next year when He is a Viking. Ponder cant throw it any further than that. purpleguy says: Aug 8, 2013 11:29 AM If hes dominating, its because he trained all off-season in Minnesota. rockinron2 says: Aug 8, 2013 11:30 AM which is never a good idea given how little give helmets tend to have against the human hand But Finleys hands are made of stone, so they probably would have broken the helmet. qoojo says: Aug 8, 2013 12:05 PM He is picking it up for a contract year. Thats also why he isnt talking as much. Once he gets this next contract, it will be back to his normal ways.

Aaron Rodgers “bet” a year’s salary that Ryan Braun was clean

(Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated) Fantasy meets reality in this weeks issue ofSports Illustrated,which boasts twoseparatecovers featuring the NFLs best offensive weapons. (You can subscribe toSports Illustratedhere and purchase the tablet edition here .) Peyton Manning and his bevy of targets (Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker)appear on the national cover. One of the most explosive passing offenses in the NFL last season, the Broncos got even better in the offseason, adding ex-Patriot Welker. SI senior writer Chris Ballard details Welkers exodus from New England and how Denver became the destination for two of the unlikeliest free-agent pickups (Welker and Manning) in sports history. Im a Wisconsin guy, Aaron Rodgers tells SI. Im here nine months out of the year. This is home for me. (Morry Gash/AP) Aaron Rodgers appears on the regional cover Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey ofSports Illustrated. A West Coast kid, Rodgers has become the face of football in Wisconsin. SI senior writer Michael Rosenberg sits down with Rodgers to explore the pressures and expectations of playing quarterback for one of the NFLs most storied franchises. The issue also previews the top 32 fantasy football players at each position and features an in-depth look at Robert Griffin III.

Peyton Manning, Broncos WRs and Aaron Rodgers on Aug. 12 covers of Sports Illustrated

MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man, Rodgers tweeted at the time. Picked the wrong guy to mess with. Truth will set u free #exonerated When its guilty until proven innocent, all u need are the facts. #howsthecrowmlb #exonerated Ill let my buddy take it from here. All u idiots talking about technicality open up for some crow too. See if Espn gets pressured not to ..let the people hear the truth. Should get interesting. #exonerated #shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rodgers didnt stop there and that was drawing attention Monday night after Braun accepted a 65-game suspension from baseball in the wake of the Biogenesis investigation. Back in February, Todd Sutton, a fan, tweeted Rodgers to ask if he really believed Braun didnt use performance-enhancing drugs on Twitter. Id put my salary next year on it, Rodgers tweeted back , along with #ponyup #exonerated. Oops.


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