Green Bay Packers: Rookie free agents out to be noticed

Don Barclay Looks Like the Packers Starting Right Tackle

“It’s easy to read too much in to it. I try to stay away from that now, keep my head down and do my work.” Hines hasn’t been through anything like that, but he seemed to follow the same idea. “My main goal is to make the team, to get to the main roster,” said Hines. “I try not to think about the depth chart, because when you think about it, that’s when you start getting down.” The good news for them is the way the Packers treat them. They’re pretty welcoming. They don’t throw out wrong plays and assignments at new guys to trip them up, as happens elsewhere. And they’re not an afterthought to the coaches. “They don’t completely bypass you,” said Banjo. “Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not Clay Matthews.

That might not sound like much of a move, but he says after nine years on the other side it’s been an adjustment. “It’s been a work in progress,” he said. “The footwork, the hand placement, and just seeing the field from the left side is all different.” Is tight end Jermichael Finley ready to live up to his big-time potential? (USATSI) Tight end Jermichael Finley , who has a ton of potential but doesn’t seem to live up to it, appears poised for a big season. He is in great shape and word is he dedicated himself this offseason like no other. Finley looks to have added some good weight to his frame. Look for him to have a big season. The Packers didn’t want to talk about former receivers Greg Jennings and Donald Driver taking shots at Rodgers, questioning his leadership skills, but I did talk to several in the organization who said the two were way off base. The word that was spoken on both was “selfish.” Did Rodgers call them out at times for bad routes?

Green Bay Packers 2013 Season Preview

Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Center Patrick Lewis. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Linebacker Terrell Manning. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Punter Tim Masthay. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Linebacker Clay Matthews. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Safety Jerron McMillan. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Cornerback Loyce Means. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Defensive tackle Jordan Miller. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Linebacker Dezman Moses. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Tight end Matthew Mulligan. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Linebacker Andy Mulumba. Defensive end Mike Neal.

Packers Gamble on Johnny Jolly Already Paying Off


But if he can be at least adequate setting the edge against the run, defensive coordinator Dom Capers should make good use of him in customized game plans. Too close to call: Don Barclay had a full week to run ahead of Marshall Newhouse at right tackle. Based on Saturday night, McCarthy will have a difficult decision picking a starter. Barclay played extremely well in the nine-play first series. He got off to the linebacker level and stayed with Alec Ogletree on a 7-yard run by Lacy. He stepped outside to pin defensive end Chris Long inside on a 15-yard run. He shoved defensive tackle Kendall Langford into the turf on the back side on another 7-yard run. In protection, Barclay was keeping Long at bay with crisp sets and good hand placement. Newhouse replaced Barclay for the next series, and when Barclay returned for the third he wasn’t nearly as effective. In fact, in his 33-play stint (all at right tackle), there were four pass plays (two against Long, two against end William Hayes) in which he lost the edge but the ball was out (three times) or Graham Harrell was forced to scramble.

Packers coach increases sense of urgency

He is one-dimension though and looked lost when trying to diagnose Colin Kaepernick and the read-option. The rest of the group after Matthews is far more ho-hum. Inside ‘backers A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones don’t stand out and edge player Nick Perry has a long way to go, although he has the natural size and skill along with the pedigree to be really solid complement to Matthews. In an effort to make the team 290-pound Mike Neal was been dual-training on the line and as a rush linebacker. GRADE: B- DB: Although he hasn’t really earned it the Packers have a lot of confidence in Sam Shields, who is back in his starting position at right cornerback after a disappointing 2012 season. “I want to be that lockdown guy,” Shields told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel during training camp. “My goal is to get to the Pro Bowl, win the Super Bowl, just be that lockdown guy. Just covering them big guys, being able to stay on that one side and whoever comes to that side be able to guard him. Having a Pro Bowl year.” That’s good because his running mate, Tramon Williams, is 30 and has never been the most physical player in the world, making him susceptible to the Calvin Johnson- and Brandon Marshall-types in the NFC North.

Packers much better in 19-7 win over Rams

Always a huge presence in the middle of the line, Jolly was a major factor in a run defense that held the Rams to a 2.4 yard per carry average and just 52 total rushing yards on Saturday night. There simply were no holes for the St. Louis backs to run through. Jolly may only have had two tackles, but he was a major reason for that. Jolly showed he still is much more than simply a run stopper in the middle. He caused two huge turnovers in the game, making impact plays that the Packers defense lacked for much of the 2012 campaign. Jolly demonstrated he still has his uncanny ability to swat down passes at the line of scrimmage, batting down two passes on the night. One of those passes was tipped up in the air and into the hands of cornerback Jarret Bush for an interception. In the red zone, Jolly even made an interception of his own after dropping back into coverage. How many lineman have that ability in their arsenal? Perhaps energizing those around him is the biggest benefit Jolly can bring to the Packers defense this year.

Johnathan Franklin running nowhere during Packers camp

Packers running back Johnathan Franklin has rushed for just 23 yards in the first two games.

All times indicated are Central. Wed., Aug. 21, 2013 11:00AM – 1:00PM CDT *Public practice *Any practices moved inside to the Don Hutson Center due to inclement weather, poor field conditions or for any other reason will be closed to the public due to space limitations. All outdoor practices are expected to be held on Ray Nitschke Field (across from the Resch Center). Type of practice (pads or shells) is subject to change without notice. All times indicated are Central. Fri., Aug. 23, 2013 7:00PM – 10:00PM CDT Packers vs. Seahawks Packers vs. Seahawks (Gold Package – Midwest Shrine Game) Sun., Aug.


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