Green Bay Packers: Offense wants snappy tempo with no huddle


Q: If you have a car containing a Bears wide receiver, a Bears linebacker, and a Bears defensive back, who is driving the car? A: The cop. Q: How do you casterate an Chicago Bears fan? A: Kick his sister in the mouth Q: What should you do if you find three Chicago Bears football fans buried up to their neck in cement? A: Get more cement. Q: What’s the difference between an Chicago Bears fan and a carp? A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum s_ucker, and the other is a fish. Q. How did the Chicago Bears fan die from drinking milk? A.

Packers Keys to 2013: Can Nick Perry Save the Defense?

“I’m not saying DuJuan (Harris) didn’t do the job but just the respect aspect of it. There’s a lot of respect (for Lacy) in the league.” If Green Bay does awaken its no-huddle, the benefits are widespread. NFC contenders loaded on the defensive line — think New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers — aren’t able to rotate fresh pass rushers into the game. And if Rodgers goes Steve Nash, they could be forced to default into vanilla looks. Or, as Dietrich-Smith said, into only “a couple calls.” That’s when a cerebral quarterback can strike. Clements says Rodgers’ decision-making is “beneficial in a no-huddle setting.” Rodgers himself isn’t sure how much the Packers will go no-huddle when the real games begin Sept. 8. He makes a point to say Green Bay can still use two-back sets with fullback John Kuhn to stay balanced, get physical. Whenever McCarthy decides to accelerate, Rodgers says he’s ready.

John Casper Jr.: Packers should leave Friday nights to the high schools

Sparkle Wash of the Tri-State Valley

The NFL, which technically is a non-profit organization, prints money. It doesnt need anyones help in paying the bills and should recognize the value of protecting Friday nights for a future generation of players. I think it will survive if it cant televise preseason games on Friday nights. It already does so on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And how much longer before we see Tuesday and Wednesday night football as well? Youd also think the Packers have enough pull to say to the NFL, You know, when you make that schedule, how bout you leave Friday nights open for us? Some Green Bay-area schools played Thursday night, including the 108th meeting between East and West High Schools. Those that do play tonight and not just in Green Bay, but state-wide will do so in front of smaller crowds, and those who are there will have their attention divided, either checking scores on their phone or listening to the game on the radio. Thats because radio stations which normally carry high school football will carry a relatively meaningless game in which the starters play a quarter or two at the most. TV coverage will be limited in certain markets, split in others.

“He’s stroking the football with a lot more consistency. That’s all he really needs to do. He has tremendous leg speed for a kicker. He’s very talented. I like the groove that he’s in.” –Mike Neal played Saturday, his first preseason action this year. The fourth-year player had missed the first portion of training camp because of an abdominal strain. Since being back on the field the last two weeks, Neal has been flipping a lot between his natural spot of defensive end and outside linebacker. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers believes Neal, who had a career-high 4 1/2 sacks last season, is “on schedule” in his transition to being a contributor standing up as a linebacker. Neal has been getting reps on the left side behind Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey Blue starter Nick Perry, opposite All-Pro Clay Matthews. “The more things they can do, then the more things an offense has to prepare for,” Capers said of having a hybrid player such as Neal. “If they (the opponents) just feel, ‘Hey, this guy is going to line up and he’s going to drop or he’s going to rush or whatever,’ I think it certainly helps them in preparation.

Packers’ 53-man roster projection

Like, remember when Ronnie Brown was a thing in the wildcat offense? A few weeks later every coordinator in the league remembered that, “Wait a minute, Ronnie Brown isn’t good anymore” and the Dolphins went back to being the Dolphins. So if innovation only lasts so long and head coaches spend 18 hours a day at work like sociopaths to ensure their opponent won’t have a strategic edge come game day, what’s really left? This is where what I call, swing players’ come in. While the majority of the league is made up of fungible players (think Brandon Chillar ) who aren’t spectacular, but are still serviceable, swing players represent the guys who give a team a differential advantage at any one position. 2008: 20th in yards allowed, 22nd in points allowed, 25th in sacks, 12th in total turnovers 2009: 2nd in yards allowed, 6th in points allowed, 11th in sacks, 1st in total turnovers On the Packers, we know of two definitive swing players – Aaron Rodgers on offense and Clay Matthews on defense. We’ve seen what the team looks like without Rodgers (not pretty) and while plenty of factors impact a team on a year-to-year basis, it’s hard to believe that the Packers ascension from the 20th ranked defense in 2008 to the 2nd ranked defense just one year later doesn’t have a strong correlation with Matthews’ play. Obviously, it’s easy to point to difference makers with gaudy stats like Matthews or say, Darrelle Revis , as being swing players, but not all of them are superstars. In fact, a swing player’s value isn’t always measured by numbers but in the ripple effect their play has on the rest of the team. Take Justin Smith of the 49’ers. A traditional block-eating 3-4 defensive end, Justin Smith has been, until recently, one of the more unheralded swing players in the league.

Theres a growing sense within the organization that they need a better backup than Harrell. Young might not have a firm grasp of the offense for several more weeks or even months, but its a risk they may be willing to take. Running backs (5): DuJuan Harris , Eddie Lacy , Johnathan Franklin , Alex Green , John Kuhn Analysis: James Starks looks like the odd man out. He plummeted down the depth chart after his fumble on Saturday at St. Louis. The Packers could see if theres any possibility of trading Starks or Green, but they havent received any offers yet. Kuhn still has value as the lone fullback because of his blocking, leadership and special teams contributions. Receivers (5): Randall Cobb , James Jones , Jordy Nelson , Jarrett Boykin , Tyrone Walker Analysis: Given the injuries to Cobb (biceps) and Nelson (knee), they may have to consider keeping a sixth receiver. That could bring Jeremy Ross , Kevin Dorsey or Charles Johnson back into play.


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