Donald Driver Thanks Fans For Street And Statue

Donald Driver would only come out of retirement to play for the Packers

You deserve your own area, with something very special, and here we are. Its fitting that at the end of Donald Driver Way is the New Community Shelter, a local non-profit organization that Driver and his foundation supported during his career. Terri Refsguard, executive director of the shelter, shared a story about a donation Driver had made at one time. A replica check was blown up and hung on the wall in the shelters dining room as the residents dealing with homelessness and hunger ate their evening meal. That night they felt extra special, and its all because Green Bay Packer number 80 cared about them, Refsguard said. Hes a man whose heart is as sincere and warm as his great smile. That smile nearly turned to tears as Driver took the podium after the street sign and statue were unveiled, and he could only begin by saying, Wow. This is truly an honor. Composing himself, as he did at his retirement ceremony in February, Driver gave special thanks to former Packers GM Ron Wolf, who drafted him in the seventh round in 1999. This time, Wolf was in attendance and was able to stand and wave to the crowd, at which point Driver announced that when hes inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame a certainty as soon as hes eligible Wolf would introduce him at the induction ceremony.

Donald Driver Way

Seifert: Driver Return Unlikely The sentiment is admirable, but only a catastrophic series of events would put the Packers in position to need Donald Driver back, Kevin Seifert writes. Blog “I think the thing is, if you have the itch to continue to play, then it doesn’t matter who you play for, because that’s what you want to do. You just want to play the game. I love the game, but I only love one team,” Driver said, according to Fox Sports Wisconsin. Driver, who had just eight receptions for 77 yards in 13 games last season, said if he gets “that itch” to return, “it would only be for the green and gold.” Driver, 38, is the Packers’ all-time leader in receptions (743) and yards receiving (10,137). He also had 61 touchdown catches after making the team as a seventh-round draft pick out of Alcorn State in 1999.

In Driver’s seat: Packers wideout overcame hardships to reach XLV

Elizabeth Berkley and Amber Riley tied for third place. Elizabeth and Val performed a Jive to Im So Excited by the Pointer Sisters. The judges disagreed on the sharpness of Berkleys kicks, but thought that the routine was fun nonetheless. Amber and Derek performed a Foxtrot to Tenderness. The judges scores were as different as night and day. Bruno awarded Amber with a perfect 10 and stated excitedly, Lady Amber is here to stay! Carrie Ann gave the couple a 9 due to one small misstep. However, Len disagreed completely and stated that the dance did not contain enough Foxtrot content. He then raised his 7 paddle and it was the lowest single score of the night.

Donald Driver: ‘Greg Jennings will always be a Green Bay Packer’

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver holds his daughter Charity during his February retirement press conference. (Photo: Lukas Keapproth/Press-Gazette Media)

“I think the thing is, if you have the itch to continue to play, then it doesn’t matter who you play for, because that’s what you want to do, Driver said. “You just want to play the game. I love the game, but I only love one team. When you love the game, you’ll play for anybody. Anybody who offers you something, you’re willing to step on the field and play for them. “I decided that I love one team. But I do love the game.

Does Donald Driver want to come back?

He offered yet another sublime performance that seemed to go virtually unnoticed as Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson stole the headlines. Even Stevan Ridley, who had the best year by a New England running back in nearly a decade, seemed to garner more attention than the only man who remains from all three of Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl-winning crews. But make no mistake, the Patriots can’t run their fast-break (but occasionally depleted) offense and deconstruct the best defenses without their matinee idol of a triggerman. Brady won’t win a third league MVP this year, but he might deserve it. Honorable mention: Vince Wilfork Mark L. Baer, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Jets CB Antonio Cromartie: History wouldn’t suggest that Cromartie would be the guy to flourish under adverse circumstances since he seemed more prone to creating them; reference his training camp proclamation that he was the Jets’ second-best receiver after Santonio Holmes even though Cromartie has caught one pass in seven NFL seasons. But give him credit for stepping into the breach as the Jets’ No.

Donald Driver sheds light on Aaron Rodgers’ leadership

“We’ve always said that the quarterback is the one that needs to take the pressure off everyone else,” Driver said, via “If a guy runs the wrong route, it’s easy for the quarterback to say, ‘Hey, I told him to run that route’ than for the guy to be like, ‘Well, I ran the wrong route.’ “Sometimes you ask Aaron to take the pressure off the guys so we won’t look bad, but he didn’t want to do that. He felt like if you did something bad, you do it. But I think that’s the difference. You want that leadership, and I think sometimes you may not feel like you got it. You have to earn that respect at the end of the day, and I think that’s what Greg was probably referring to.” Rodgers spoke with on Thursday about Jennings’ endless comments .

Donald Driver not ready to make a retirement decision

“To see him play in another uniform, I really can’t see that,” Marvin said. “Even though I would love to see him still continue to play, because I think he still has the ability to do so. “But the fact that Green Bay didn’t want to extend his contract, I love that he retired a Packer and kept his legacy intact to not tarnish that which he had built up.” Marvin said that because his brother keeps himself in great shape, he’d be ready to go right now. “I think he completed that chapter in his life,” Marvin said. “That chapter in his life was playing football. It is not necessarily uncompleted or uneven as it pertains to him and his legacy, but I think he does have the itch.

Packers’ all-time receiver Donald Driver to retire

The only thing that can happen is they can have a bright future. I dont think anything worse can come out of it. Driver has a unique perspective on Jennings departure from the Packers, which has turned somewhat contentious recently after the newly signed Vikings receiver criticized Aaron Rodgers leadership skills and last week told a radio station that Packers players were brainwashed to believe everything in Green Bay is like the best, the best, the best, the best, the best. Greg wanted to stay in Green Bay. It gets to a point where a team wants to move on with different players. It becomes a business decision. Greg went on and Minnesota was the team that wanted him and was willing to pay him the money he wanted and he went there, Driver said. I take my hat off to him.

Donald Driver, Paris Hilton and fans react to Christina Milian’s elimination (Video)

Lang said on Twitter. Aaron Rodgers added, “Thanks for the memories quickie, you will be missed (hash)Packer4Life.” Quickie is Driver’s childhood nickname. Green Bay fans have a close bond with every Packers player, but they had a particular soft spot for Driver. They loved his bright smile and infectious laugh, and were moved by his story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. Growing up, Driver and his family were so poor that he, his mother and siblings sometimes spent the nights in a U-Haul. He and his brother stole cars to get money, and Driver sold drugs, too.

“Maybe there aren’t too many who would say that. They’d say they appreciate who they are now, but maybe not what they once did. But it’s your past that helps make you who you are today. My past has made me a better husband, a better father, a better person. All the things I went through in my life have made me better for it, and I don’t take anything for granted.” Driver said it can still bring a smile to his face just seeing a U-Haul trailer. It reminds him of the odds he beat, and the success he has made from a story that so easily could have ended badly.


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